Details that you wear!

Deriving from 2 simple words like Stretch + Tela (stretch + canvas), Hugo’s passion for quality fashion products with extreme fit came to life in form of a new brand. After several years working for the premium mens fashion market and always in search for the best products, Hugo Conceição, decided to open his own store. His motto says it all:

“Here we do not sell clothes, we dress people!”

His hunger for the best product with the best fit, comfort and look lead him to create the products he couldn’t find elsewhere. His keen eye for detail, his absolute passion for fashion and his constant search for the very best materials were the boost to a new concept of men’s fashion brand.

Stretchiatella was born in 2015 and it was the answer to Hugo’s vision of a brand that provides a range of options for the fashion conscious who appreciate premium craftsmanship, luxury materials with his unique personal aesthetics and concern for details that deliver a distinct look for every occasion.

Each piece is carefully tailored and tested to provide the best fit and look. His complete passion for details makes them special, unique. Sometimes he starts with a detail and works his way up. Sometimes he finds the fabric he had once dreamt of… Always with the purpose to bring something better then the previous, being fabric, fit, comfort or simply a new detail. And they do make the difference!